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"Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart."

- Shinichi Suzuki

The benefits of music are never ending, and its influence expands to all facets of life, allowing for your child to improve and develop the following essential for life qualities:


    ⁃    passion 

    ⁃    discipline

    ⁃    commitment

    ⁃    diligence

    ⁃    dedication

    ⁃    memory

    ⁃    concentration

    -    multi-tasking


Music does not just improve your life and strengthen your qualities. Its far reaching impacts are infinite and meaningful, and last for the rest of our lives.  For a further reading elaborating on its benefits, please click here.

    ⁃    communication

    ⁃    collaboration

    ⁃    inspiration

    ⁃    respect

    ⁃    self-esteem

    ⁃    body awareness & balance

    ⁃    motor skill coordination

    ⁃    connection to peers & community

    ⁃    time management

    ⁃    organization

    ⁃    creativity

    ⁃    team player

    ⁃    perseverance

    ⁃    exposure to cultural, world history

    ⁃    increase listening skills

    ⁃    patience

Private Lessons


I teach all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced.  I started playing the piano at age three, and the violin at age five under the Suzuki method, and I am very familiar with teaching the Suzuki method to beginners.  I have experience teaching group "Twinkle" classes and individual lessons at the Suzuki Institute of Boston.


It is important to me that I teach a curriculum that is unique to each student, so I first become aware of that particular student's goals, needs and desires.


My teaching philosophy, influenced strongly by my "Grandfather" teacher Ivan Galamian, entails emphasizing an equal pyramid of technique and musicality. Developing both equally, with the technique's sole purpose to express one's innate musicality, is essential to achieve the end goal to create music that becomes art. This zenith, of an equal and strong pyramid, in turn provides for music that achieves a higher standard of living on a personal, familial, communal and even global level.


In my private students, I see immense improvement in their playing and love of the violin very quickly. In my lessons, I emulate positive energy and make my students smile and feel at ease, while focusing first on making the best possible sound and obtaining the best technique possible. In addition to studying repertoire, I am sure to emphasize technique methodology such as tonalization and bow grip exercises, scales, etudes, arpeggios, double stops (sixths, thirds, octaves, fingered octaves, tenths, etc.), and more.  This is a necessary step in order to obtain the proper technique to apply solely in the service of making the best possible music.  


Please inquire with me further for rates and availability.



Kalikolehua - El Sistema Hawai'i 


El Sistema originated in Venezuela, and is one of the most powerful and successful models of systematic music education for the purpose of social development. Their philosophy is applicable to a global society, and its positive impacts can be felt in any place the system is implemented.


Kalikolehua changed the lives of many students at St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, and Kuhio Park Terrace in Kalihi, where we instilled social change through the vehicle of music. 


Here are a few of my favorite examples of the type of innovate, creative and distinguished musicianship created by the original El Sistema, performed by the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra led by Maestro Gustavo Dudamel:



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